Macquarie University

star4.3 ·
placeSydney NSW 2109, Australia
phone+61 2 9850 7111


Christopher クリストファー

I finished my post graduate masters degree with Macquarie University, and I have nothing but good things to say. This is the best university that students can go to, it has amazing fields of green grass, loads of social events where you can meet other students, amazing class rooms, teachers, facilities, great food options and a shopping center and train station near by. The only downside is that university lodging is far too expensive, they need to find a way to construct bigger buildings with multiple studios apartments. If they can make staying on campus a bit more affordable it will make all of us a lot more happy!

S Anderson

I had some issues studying my DipEd in the education faculty at this university. When I had some issues with my practicum supervisor who was constantly giving me a hard time, the education faculty didn't bother to investigate the issue. I ended up transferring to Newcastle University where I got top marks, high GPA and a better practicum experience. I'm now a qualified teacher.

Muhammad Nauman Akbani

Only 30% of faculty is up to the mark. Management absolutely poor (literally), they are reluctant to assist. I WONT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE, seriously.

Deepika Bhatt

Macquarie is considered one of Australia's best universities, with open green spaces and outstanding facilities, you'll be amazed at what you find here. And obviously 100% successful placements.

Queen Of The Skies

Nice campus buy phone reception is horrible. I can't make calls or send messages or use my mobile data. It's a nice university, so someone fix that issue!
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