Green Park Station

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placeMayfair, London W1J 8AQ, UK


Jessie berrun

Generally clean and tidy, good entrances and exits, very accessible! Good tube lines. Can get extremely busy during rush hour and the park side entrance is usually swamped with people due to the sight seeing busses. Station connects right on to the park which is nice.

Vicki Illingworth

As an American, spending the Christmas holidays in London for my first European experience was scary. I equated London tube system with New York City (I am from the Southwest of USA ... it was all scary!) and was enormously pleased to find tube system in London NOTHING like NYC ... thank goodness. London is super easy to navigate ... get yourself an Oyster card and just get on with it. My sister and I spent a delightful week in London with no transportation beyond tube and train. We spent four days lost in NYC underground.

B Hagan

It a tube station. I some times to get off here, it's clean and nice. But, it's very busy at times

Wayne Cheung

Centrally located, but slightly away from the centre (if that makes sense). The park is smaller than Hyde Park, but gains from being next door to Buckingham Palace. I got shouted at for cycling down the road to Buckingham Palace while they were filming the upcoming Mary Poppins film.

Ping Wong

Not the worst station but the bus stops are confusing with misleading signs. Be careful.
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