Icelandic Fish and Chips

star4.1 ·
placeTryggvagata 11, 101 Reykjavík, 冰島
phone+354 511 1118


William Amsden

Best and most affordable food we had in five days in Iceland. Fish and chips may have been the best I've ever had - crispy crust and moist, soft, flavorful cod inside. We also had the traditional Icelandic cod and potato casserole, which was also great and satisfying. We recommend this place highly.

Jessica Jo Blinkinsop

Comfortable setting capable of fitting many heads. Food was hot and served quickly as customer overturn was an obvious goal for the waiting staff. Both the daily soup and the fish and chips plate were filling and surely warmed me up from a cold day. I appreciated the staffs' attention to refilling water pitchers on tables.

Zackarey Thoutt

Fun and affordable dinner in Reykjavik. It wasn't our favorite meal we had in Iceland, but i would still go back to enjoy some fish n chips.

David Gaillet

Very good fish and chips. Good meal, nice People and correct price. Potatoes, sauces and fish are delicious. Good location close to the hairbour. We recommand this restaurant.

King Ti

If there is such a thing as "healthy" fish and chips, this is it. You get to pick from 3 types of fish, and the price varies accordingly. Served over a bed of fresh lettuce and vegetables. Typical pricing for 4 dishes, without drinks, was about $75-85 US. Expensive for US standard, but not so bad for Iceland.
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