Whitehaven Beach

star4.9 ·
placeWhitsunday Island QLD 4802澳洲
phone+61 13 74 68


Stirling Spencer

In my opinion, the most beautiful beach on the planet. It will take your breath away by it's natural and stunning beauty. So peaceful. So serene. You'll pinch yourself because you won't believe it's real.

H Ratsim

Paradise on earth. Dive and swim to the beach. Enjoy a cool beer or a glass of Champagne sitting half in the crystal water. And, from the boat, watch out the fantastic scenary of white sand lightning at sunset when the dark has come.

Kamil Chetty

Stunning beach... Ice white sands and crystal clear waters.... Beach is utterly amazing although it actually can get crowded at times unfortunately.

Sean Blake

My sun Eamonn and his girl friend Natalie and said it it was one of the niceest beaches and so much to do. There. From ireland so getting used to the heat

Eugina Wu

Gorgeous scenic view with absolutely white sand. 这里不愧被称作白天堂沙滩,沙子又白又细,这座梦幻的岛屿不论是航拍还是陆拍都让人流连忘返。

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