Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

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place6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France
phone+33 1 42 34 56 10
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris


Praveen Kumar

Beautiful cathedral with gothic style. It's situated near river bank and it's a treat to watch this ancient building. You will see real good decent not never if crowd. I liked the pigeon and the way they come and sit on your shoulder is awesome. It's care taker comes and shakes hands then pigeons will start sitting on your head and shoulders. The building is really very ancient the structures roads around this place is really good on stroll around.

Laura Musikanski

Take advantage of your jet lag and go early if you are an American tourist. Gazing at the rose windows is one of the pinnacles of life, in my view. If you visit Paris often, you can sort of touch your past each time you gaze into the rose. Such beauty. The lines are long and the cathedral full during the day so it’s worth getting up early. Take the extra time to read the historical placards then wander about a bit and you’ll start seeing things you missed. Light a candle and take 15 min or half an hour to contemplate, meditate or pray, and settle into the history of the place. When else will you get this opportunity? Then walk around back along the river and stroll under the trees.

Nikki Campbell

Do yourself a favor- if you’re standing in front of the Cathedral looking at it, walk to the left, take a ticket at the machine there, and come back at your assigned time to take the stairs up to the roof. It was the most delightful experience and the views can’t be beat! While waiting for your assigned time, you can visit the breathtaking cathedral/get a cup of coffee in the area. A wonderful experience all around.

Ayla Kim

There’s so much history behind this landmark and I really loved spending time here and learning about all of the cathedral’s history. It’s such an important site in Paris and it’s also a wonderful structure to marvel at. It’s architectural design is one to be intrigued by. You can take so many wonderful photos here and at the same time enjoy the nice atmosphere of Paris. I definitely recommend paying this place a visit when spending time in Paris.

Leggo Tung Lei

Although I unfortunately did not get the chance to go on a tour with Paris Trip, I would highly recommend this agency purely based on interaction. We came in with an enquiry that they were unable to help us with directly, and even after it transpired that they didn't sell what we were looking for they still went out of their way to assist us and helped us to solve our problem. The staff were so helpful and accommodating without any agenda and it was really appreciated. Based on the amazing service... This was a small-group tour from downtown Paris to Versailles, including lunch at one of the Versailles restaurants. A small-group tour like this is really important, because the lines for regular admission are quite long. Versailles is a spectacular palace on a huge estate with extensive gardens and fountains. This is the palace that other places in Europe are always comparing themselves to, but nothing is quite like the original.
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