David Copperfield

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place3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109美國
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Philipp Bender

Tickets auf jeden Fall vorher auf dem Strip zum halben Preis kaufen! Die Show dauert rund 90 Minuten und bindet die Zuschauer an vielen Stellen mit ein, ein Weltstar zum Anfassen! Das hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Man darf nur nicht den Fehler machen, eine Show wie früher aus dem Fernsehen zu erwarten. Es bzw. die Tricks sind doch alles etwas bodenständiger, aber trotzdem gut gemacht und an vielen Stellen mit großem Erstaunen im Publikum verbunden. Uns hat es sehr gut gefallen, vor allem als Abrundung eines Besuches in Las Vegas!

David Richardson

The David Copperfield show is amazing. He does some really cool stuff, that boggle my mind. Well worth the price. If I had to pick any one thing to go to, it would be this.

Fatality Miami

Amazing show by The best magician alive, I have been there twice and still enjoy it a lot, they do change a lot of things and add more amazing shows , so if you visit again you will not be disappointed at all !! It is a Must visit in Las Vegas for me if you are looking for a magic show that will not disappoint you and worth the money you pay

Michael C

I’m not easily fooled when it comes to magic as I’ve had a keen interest since a child. However much of David Copperfield’s show rendered me completely speechless. Never before has my mouth fell open in complete amazement and bewilderment. I admit that Copperfield’s verbal delivery sometimes felt as though he was going through the motions so he could get home quickly, but that didn’t overly detract from the sheer brilliance of much of what happened. Some of the tricks were underwhelming and it’s a shame to see a few tricks you feel you’ve seen many times before, but the big set-pieces really are spectacular. I normally don’t compare, but I also saw the Criss Angel Mindfreak show on another night and I thought it was truly dreadful. I’m surprised the show has so many positive reviews although he did ask people to leave a positive one online if they enjoyed it and people clearly have. In my opinion the David Copperfield show is in another league completely – this really is the pinnacle of magic and illusion. Personally I think it’s worth the extra money to get a seat near the front and centre of the stage, although not necessary. I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t be blown away by this show. Completely recommend it.

Dina Heise

Total disappointment. WARNING--SPOILER ALERT--I saw Mr. Copperfield 20 years ago and his show was absolutely outstanding. I thought about what he did during that performance for months. What I saw last night was honestly laughable. Mr. Copperfield has decided he is now a storyteller rather than an illusionist. The bulk of the show was him talking and encouraging applause (we were asked pre-show to stand and clap enthusiastically after a certain "trick" by one of his staff). There was a 30 minute bit involving a time traveling alien that needed to get home to his family that he carried around on stage and constantly adjusted on a table...I am not making this up! He popped balloons with his mind and made a crumbled up piece of tissue paper move about on his arm. There was way too much taking audience members on stage, having them saying something and then Mr. Copperfield revealing he already had what they were going to say locked in a box. My mouth was hanging open not with awe, but with "are you kidding me?" There were three good , not great illusions, but I could not recommend this show to anyone.

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