Southgate Melbourne

star4.1 · flag1
place3 Southgate Ave, Southbank VIC 3006澳洲
phone+61 3 9686 1000



한국의 푸드코트같은곳 다양한 먹거리를 골라서 먹을 수 있다. 멜버른 와서 먹었던 혜자가게. 음료수가게들의 가격은 다른곳과 같고 음식들이 가격대비 푸짐함. 럼바스가게의 파니니같은 샌드위치 맛있음. 카레도 추천함. 한국과 다르게 밥을 조금주고 고기가 포함된 카레를 많이 줌.


Good selection of food available in the food court if you just want a quick bite to eat. Great selection of bars and restaurants for something a little bit more formal. Highly recommended Hophaus bar, with a pretty good selection of German beers. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The Southgate area always has a great array of buskers just near the foot bridge.

Sam Sharp

We walked along the river side. Stopped at a bar and drank a glass of our favourite alcoholic drink. You become entranced by the activities that transpose in front of you with the buildings, train station and river blending together as a backdrop. It makes you realise what a great city Melbourne has becomes.

Amy Walker

Amazing place to come for food and drinks by the river. Really nice atmosphere and a 5 minute walk from the station and tram stops. Loads of selection to pick from and something to suit everyone.

fire fox

I used to love this shopping strip when the antique store was there but unfortunately its gone. Dont really like the shops there now but its a good place to have a bite.
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