Budapest History Museum

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placeBudapest, Szent György tér 2, 1014 Ουγγαρία
phone+36 1 487 8800



Zdecydowanie polecam fanom średniowiecza. Muzeum ma dobrą, tradycyjną ekspozycję, fani interaktywnych gadżetów nie znajdą tu nic dla siebie. Najlepsze wydają się być sale pod schodami, poziom -1. Z uwagi na zniszczenia zamku w czasie WWII nie można oczekiwać bogatej kolekcji eksponatów, ale na każdym poziomie znajdzie się coś ciekawego. Warto by Muzeum popracowało nad klimatyzacją pomieszczeń, bo jest duszno.

Marta Oliva

Quite interesting and inexpensive, definitely worth the visit to get inside the building and find out a bit more about the history of the city. My favourite part was definitely the downstairs, where it truly felt like we were inside the medieval castle and it was all very beautiful!

Daid Serra

The building is amazing .. but the stuff inside are super boring with a not clear sequence of events

Jaimie Frazer

Not enough depth to satisfy a history buff, and poorly curated. The opportunity to see the mediaeval rooms that have been excavated is great, but the rest of the museum is disappointing. It assumes you already know the history of Hungary and so doesn't explain a lot of crucial points (in both the palace exhibition and the one on the history of Budapest), making it hard to follow the what/why/how. Also, the layout of some sections about the palace is confusing and not chronological. Unless you already know a lot about the history of Hungary or are just interested in seeing the mediaeval palace components, consider whether you really want to come here. They also charge extra if you want to take photos. :-(

Jeff Lei

If you fancy paintings and the stories put into these paintings then this is a must go! it is free of charge! who don't like free stuff? There is also free wifi available for those in your group who are not interested. They can always just play with their phones while the art lovers or architecture lovers walk around this nice museum for free
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