Portrait of the Four Tetrarchs

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placeS. Marco, 328, 30124 Venezia, Italy
phone+39 041 270 8311


federico iannaccone

If you don't know you going to miss this place but certainly worth to look at them

Wayne Johnson

The back story about these four figures is fascinating and there is something comforting about seeing them up against the side of St. Mark's Basilica. Every time I visit Venice I make sure that I go up and visit these warm souls.

Jamison Roberts

When I saw these statues, I did not know the story behind them, but I could tell that they were not original. When I got home I found out their history and was amazed that something so old (about 1700 years old) was just sitting out in public where countless people have probably touched it. I'm amazed that it has not been vandalized at some point over the centuries.

Anar G

Noone knows the real story behind this masterpiece but it's phenomenal and worth stopping by.

Claudio Amidei

Nice statue with a nice history, that brings to mind memories from high-school studies!

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