Sri Venkateswara Temple

star4.6 ·
placeTemple Rd, Helensburgh NSW 2508, Australia
phone+61 2 4294 3224


Shweta Sharma

Quiet tranquil location and a nice drive from Sydney via Royal National park! Excellent, no profit food services, just make sure you check the timing of temple and good services. One very imp. thing- if you wish to donate please use donation boxes instead of handing money to a pujari. You know what I mean.

Omkar Kattimani

One of the top Hindu temple of Australia. Has got spiritual power due to existance of all Hindu Gods. A must visit for everyone. Good canteen with affordable rates?

arun ram

Very well maintained and established temple for Hindus. Equipped with its own function centre and canteen .Just a few minutes away from the tourist drive .The food service is run very professionally .The masala tea and Indian snacks will be a definite hit after a peaceful dharshan

Ankur Jain

Food management very poor and too much waiting. Very unhygienic and all mess. All the money is spent in main building only, nothing for facilities. No photography allowed inside.

Madhab kandel

I have been in this Mandir couple of time and loved to be there as i believe in our hindu puja system. Today i was there to do Ganesh puja for which i paid $ 151 as a donation for mandir which was my pleasure. Never mind. But it shocked me when main priest Named "RABI" asked me money as a compulsory guru dakshyana $ 30, i was pissed off. i had 20 doller change, i gave him that and i told him i did not have $10 change but he told me to go in the reception and bring the money. i went in the counter, ask the man change for $ 50 and i did ask him is it compulsory to give certain amount of dakshyana to pandit as well. I didn't say any thing to pandit. But wanna to raise voice against this wrong practice so that priest should not force us to give dakshyana against our will, as we already donated certain amount of money for the sake of puja. I tried to find out the complain box but couldn't find there, so i think management should be aware of this kind of cunning Pandit and take action against them. Today ( 11 October 2015, Sunday at 8:30 ). Pls management take a note about it and take action against this kind of Prist who openly asked money for puja. If thats your rate let us know in advance. Thank you.
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