Cinque Terre Point

place19015 Levanto SP, Italy


Adji Cynthia

A stunning place in Italy. Perfect place to hike between the cinque (five) terre (cities) here. As a young woman, I got jealous of the elderly here who are able to climb up to the highest hill without having any significant obstacle. The downside of this place is their city station is too small sometimes it鈥檚 hard to fit in there because it is very crowded by the tourists.

Hamman Vacations

OMG!!! You will never see anything like this so you MUST go see it. We went in November and it was absolutely gorgeous! We rushed through the 5 villages and wish we could have stayed for a couple of days.

Bree Johnson

Cinque Terre is stunning The train allows you to go from town to town along the ocean so easily accessible Plenty to do in each town and something new and amazing to explore I loved this place and wish I had more time here Can be pricey for food and drinks but the hospitality in the area is amazing Good and drinks are great and plenty of gift stores Swimming areas also Kid friendly

Thomas Devereux

Love the place, if you have a pram, don't go... 馃槀

nigel grech

Great place, busy but a sure go!
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