Pantai Nusa Dua Beach

star4.4 ·
placeBenoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia


praveen a.g

Amazing place... Nusa Dua means two islands. Between these two island is the wonderful beach with amazing water. Good for surfing and you can see many surfers hanging around here. Legend says that these two islands was once a single island, but somewhere around century ago it was divided due to the earthquake..

Jack Brock

Very nice place. The walkway has been wash away recently but you can still walk along the beach and there is lots of restaurants all the way along the beach itself. There are also good waves if you are interested in surfing.

Tomi Taladin

The beach offers pristine view. If you prefer more authentic beach rather than the crowded touristy area of Kuta, you will be fine here. The place is quite a distance and no public transportation available. For best experience, rent a car or motorcycle and ride towards sea highway to the place. The trip is a unique experience in itself.

Kartika Arrum

Very clean and Relaxing beach. Calm waves. Soooo soft to not very soft white sand covered its shore. Good for swimming and surfing and of course for tanning! This beach is not as crowded as kuta or legian, that is why it looks so natural. Also, there are not much disturbance from souvenir seller and other seller. Just sit here, tan here, and enjoy your view!!!! ❤

Josko Peric

One of the rare beaches where was calm to swim, many bars and restaurants around and on it so you wont stay hungry. Clean and tidy.
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