Isuien Garden

star4.0 · flag1
place74 Suimoncho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8208日本
phone+81 742-25-0781


Yoichiro Sakamoto


Rene Reiter

900¥ for this garden.. This is by fare the most expensive garten in Japan by now and I did visit about 50 now... And its not the best one.. Save your money and visit the garten 100m west from this one. It's free for tourists and beautiful.

Javi Norro

Beautiful but 900JPY is a bit expensive for what it is. Recommended if you haven't seen any Japanese garden so far.

Ward Frielink

Nice garden, but in the end only one view that is really splendid (when you enter the garden behind the villa). Price (around ¥900) is a bit high for what you get. The museum (don't know what the name is) which is included in the price, is not worth a visit. They have very few items which are not very interesting if you cannot read Japanese. The building itself though is a nice mix between traditional Japanese and modern architecture.

Joe Chiang

經過志津香大宮店往下走, 有個巷子在右邊, 穿過去再右轉就可看到依水園入口. 人工造景相當漂亮, 還借了遠山與東大寺南大門一隅, 相當值得進去漫步. 小路彎曲蜿蜒, 繞過水車林間, 秋天可能美景如畫. 裡面有個茶屋, 提供茶點與茶, 可供利用. 門口有英語導覽, 阿姨的英語相當流利. 門口左邊有廁所與免費寄物櫃, 很方便.
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