Jumbo Seafood

star4.2 · flag2
place#01-01/02, Riverside Point, 058282, 30 Merchant Rd, 新加坡
phone+65 6532 3435


Selena Tse

The food was good but pricey, as we hadexpected. But the flavor of their crab is definitely worth trying out. However the service was what prompted a 3 star instead of 5 We ordered the signature crab, which took 40minutes to come to us. All the tables next to us received their crabs first (granted, some did arrive before us). However we watched the table directly next to us finish up their crab dish, and we heard them ask the waitress for another order. Their second order came before ours came out. When we saw this, we asked the waiter to check for the status of our dish yet again. They informed us once again that it would be a couple of minutes. A few moments before our crab came out, another waitress came forward with the bill and told us we had to pay first. We were puzzled as we haven't even received our crab yet. When we asked why we were to pay the bill, they told us that our hands would get dirty from eating the crab so its best to pay first- which we thought was fair, so we paid the bill. As we enjoyed the crab dish that eventually came out, we observed that all other tables were only asked for the bill after they finished their meal, whether or not they had crab, which was what we would expect to be the norm. this left a bitter taste in our mouth as we weren't sure why we were the only table asked to pay prior to receiving our food. Other than the long wait time and the puzzling bill experience, the flavor of the crab is great and the other general hospitality was on-par with other restaurant service

nguyễn Ngân

Cua sốt ớt rất rất ngon, 1 con cua bé (800gr, ko bé chút nào) đủ cho 2ng ăn no nê mà ko cần gọi thêm gì nữa. Phục vụ có hỏi uống trà ko và rót 1 chén trà bé xíu, tính tiền là 1,3$/chén :)).

Carlos Pasos

Yum yum. Very tasty food and excellent service. Crab is their specialty and you should try it; their most popular is one with red sauce, it is good and messy, so don't get this if you are not willing to get your hands soaked in salsa. We ordered the crab and two more dishes which was too much. One crab plus one rice or noodles is enough for two. Gerard Ooi is their supervisor and he made sure everything was perfect ALL the time, what a good service. Enjoy! Get messy

nOn RaTcHadAtaNwaT

ปูราคาแพง ปรุงผัดปงกระหรี่ 114 เหรียญ แต่เหมือนผัดซอสพริก ปูผัดพริกไทยดำ88 เหรียญ ใส่เนยเยอะไปหน่อย เนื้อปูเด้ง สด

Cyrus Lam

食物味道OK, 但價格太高, 不太值。 用餐時間太短只有1小時15分鐘。 服務整體尚算不錯。

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