Aventree Hotel Busan

star4.2 · flag2
place6 Gwangbok-ro 39beon-gil, Gwangbok-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, 韓國
phone+82 51-260-5001


Joe Chan


Penny Chou


Vicky Yang



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Until the Last Minute We chose to stay at Aventree Hotel Busan because of all the good recommendations on the internet. Two rooms for 2 nights, the location is great and the accommodation facility also good. The four of us especially enjoyed the bathroom with bathtub and bidet, you can borrow a humidifier at the counter if needed. We checked out on Sunday around 9:00 but left our baggages at the hotel and planned for 19:00 return to collect our luggages to head to the airport. Everything was good and set. When we return to the hotel after dinner around 18:40, I handed my ticket to the lady at the front desk to collect our belongings while others went to the restroom. It was at the time, when a man showed up and helped us move the luggages, and the lady on duty at the front desk asked me "Did you call a taxi?" I said, "No, but can you call for us to get a car?" She reply, pointing at the man next to her and said "He is a taxi driver". I said, "O.K. but we will need two since we have four people, four cases." (we rode in two taxi from the airport to the hotel in regular sliver taxi) The lady turned to the taxi driver and explained, and the taxi driver said that his car will fit us all and our cases. I asked directly to the driver " 얼마예요?" he said 40,000. I said, ok, let me ask the others after they come out of the restroom. Long story short, we were in the car our way to the airport when the driver suddenly passed his mobile to me and told me the hotel called (this gave us a fright, we thought we left something at the hotel) And then, from the phone I hear a lady yelling at me rapidly saying "Did you make a reservation with the hotel? You can only take the taxi if you made a reservation. Blah blah blah, yelling/ screaming at the top of her lung. I got intimidated and said, no, I didn't make reservation for pick up, it was the front desk lady who asked me if I needed a cab. And it is not like we jumped on the car right after we hailed the on the street. The front desk asked me first if I needed a cab. I went to the restroom after I collected the luggages, and the four of us discuss if we should take the taxi. You, the hotel employee, had plenty of time to check should you know that the taxi driver was there to pick up someone with reservation, you know my room number for God's sake. The lady on the phone demanding my answer was loud and unapologetic, I wanted to yelled back, but knew better not to be affected and sink low. Anyway, at the end of our conversation, she said, so give me your room numbers. No sorry whatsoever from her. The poor taxi driver scrambled to find someone to pick up the customers waiting at the hotel, and tried using translation app to explained to us that, the group who made a reservation was late and when he saw us, a group of four, he thought we were the one he is waiting for, thus creating this misunderstanding. Anyway, the problem got fixed and we got to the airport on time. The reason I am taking my time to write this is that, I really wanted the lady on duty to stop blaming others for your own mistake (maybe start from stop yelling at the customers and educating us that we don't take hotel taxi without reservation. BECAUSE I TOLD YOU I DID NOT BOOK A RIDE FROM THE BEGINNING) . And if possible, that someone from the hotel management level sees this message, they would know that it was not the poor driver's fault. He is a good driver, and deserves to keep his relationship with the hotel. First time writing a review, and overall, the hotel is a good stay if you don't get yelled at by the front desk over the phone.

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