London Canal Museum

star4.0 · flag1
place12-13 New Wharf Rd, Kings Cross, London N1 9RT, UK
phone+44 20 7713 0836


Adrian Lee

+ Interesting and plenty of things for the kids to touch - £5 each for adults is a bit much for 2 very small floors -The bloke taking your money needs some customer service lessons. After asking if I had less than £20 note (for £12.50 total) I gave him £10 then all I got was £2.50, £2.50, £2.50 while I was counting the change. Then not another word, no thank you, no nothing, another chap stepped in and pointed to "go there first". Not very customer friendly.

Yolande Rabet

Hello - I live in a flat overlooking the museum on the canal and would like to request that you ensure your guests respect the privacy of your neighbours by kindly asking them to keep the noise down when standing on the wharf. There seems to be private parties every weekend at your venue and the noise levels are severely affecting the quality of life of your neighbours, unable to use our gardens / balconies when you have guests. Thank you.

Gary Worden

If, a year ago, you'd told me i'd be posting a positive review of a tiny museum dedicated to canals... In response to owner: okay - not tiny ;) & I did like it.

SM Reza Yamani Umar

Had a good experience working at this museum as a front-desk volunteer while studying in London. Also, good place for those who are going to spend their family outings during summer here in London. For the staff, I miss you all.. Cheers!!

Ali D

Great little museum on the canal. An old ice house with plenty of history about that, canals and boats too. Make sure to watch the films which are always playing upstairs. £4 entry fee for adults.
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