LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta

place3500 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30326缇庡湅
phone+1 404-848-9252



You don't know me and I don't know you, so why would you trust my review? Because, it's the same review everyone else is giving, so there must be some truth to it. This place is broken. None of the interactive parts work. All of the buttons do nothing. The little "shoot the bad guys" ride doesn't work when you pull the trigger. The Lego statues are kind of neat to an adult... but our 5 year old didn't care much for them. She was semi-entertained with the playground (which is really small and overcrowded) but grew bored quickly. If we lived in Atlanta, I could see the allure of getting a membership here to escape the heat of outdoor activities, but driving from Chattanooga and paying nearly $50 for 2 adults and a child is ridiculously overpriced. I mean, this place has nothing to do as an adult, so what did we pay for? And even if I DID play with Legos, I'd feel like a creep and an ass for getting in the way of the children. I would have given it 1 star, but my little girl did enjoy a very few things... ... Realistically, this place is waste of money that could be put towards something more entertaining.

Julia Lyons

1. No one answers the phone...DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!! Yet, when we showed up, plenty of workers were there running all over the place damn near stumbling over small children knocking them to the ground. Almost knocked my two-year old Grandson to the ground!馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槧 2. The place is incredibly unsanitary. The floors were wet, sticky, filthy, and filled with Legos! My two year old Grandson was putting them in his mouth!馃あ馃あ馃あ 3. The concept was good but in practice this is a dangerous place for small children. Choking hazards everywhere. 4. I will NEVER visit this atrocious place ever again. It was not worth the money. 5. I did like the ride where you play the shooting game and take a family picture at the end. That was good. The best part was getting out of that filthy cesspool! Chuck E. Cheese is much cleaner, nicer, and kid-friendly!!!!

Jennifer Hayes

I don't get the negativity. It's not a theme park, so don't expect that type of experience. Online tickets were 12.50. Food was fine. Customer service at the desk was friendly. Kids and I spent about 4 hours there. Enjoyable.

Daniel Gotham

This place is an overpriced playground. There are 2 rides, a Cinema, an elaborate model area, a classroom, and 4 play areas. On our visit: half of the center was broken and the staff had no intention of fixing any of it. The staff was rude and constantly left their post. The place was dirty and crowded with unsupervised daycare kids. The master builder class was shut down. The knights right was broken, and we didn't even get an "I'm sorry, try back later." We got a "the ride is broke, find something else to do." I have posted pictures of all the failures here as well. Completely unacceptable!

Kayla Baskins

My kids enjoyed this place! They found it cool and loved all the stuff to do. There are 2 or 3 rides and a 4D movie! As well as different centers: big foam blocks, I think there was a pet shop themed area, as well as a play area, and a area with water play. You can also walk through and learn how the legos are made which is pretty cool. The staff is okay, they aren't really eager to be helpful. And buying your tickets ahead of time does not allow you to skip a line. we waited in line for about an hour to get in. It's inside the underground mall, and it is much more busier than an average mall. So be prepared for that.
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