5footway.inn Project Bugis

star3.9 · flag2
place10 Aliwal St, 新加坡 199903


anisya cahya melati

Kami menginap 2 malam. Membawa anak tapi kami tidak cantumkan pd saat booking. Ketika datang ke tempat ini, kami ditegur hehe. Tapi ternyata kami di upgrade kamarnya oleh petugas. Dan tidak kena biaya tambahan. Kamar memang kecil, single di bawah, double di atas. Handuk bs optional, tapi saya bawa sendiri mengingat kehigienisan 😆. Walau kesan pertama merasa pengap krn sempit sangat, tp enjoy2 aja. Oiya di sini ga boleh makan di dlm kamar. Ada pantry di atas. Cuci gelas-piring setelah dipakai. Ada air panas/dingin, mesin cuci, kulkas. Lokasinya strategus, ke mrt bugis junction dekat, jalan sekitar 10-15 menit, bus stop sekitar 2-3 menit, kampong glam 3-5 menit kalo mau cari makanan halal yg murah. Tapi disekitar juga banyak resto dengan logo halal. Dekat masjid Sultan. Pengalaman sering menginap di Singapore. Saya paling tenang menginap di sini, karena dekat makanan halal. Dan harganya murah dengan kebersihan yang bagus. Saya pernah menginap di The Sultan Bugis, Lavender, Geylang, Kitchener Dekat Mustafa Center, ah tapi memang bugis yang the best hihi.

Natalie Allen

Super thin walls, the rooms were very damp and I noticed mold on the walls. The chair and mattress in our room smelled mildewed (gross). The staff was very friendly and the free breakfast was a plus. They had very good wifi and a nice place to sit outside. The location is excellent and the price was cheap. I would have given this place 1 star if not for the staff and location. The damp rooms smell bad and feel super gross. I wouldn't recommend more than a night or two here.

Loren Neubert

Amazing location. So central. Clean rooms. Nice kitchen. I had the shared bathroom option but i never had to worry about there being an open bathroom. Not so much of a social atmosphere, but this is quite normal for upscale hostels in the area. I recommend the hostel for anyone seeking a great base to explore the city from.

Ekaterina Ryshkova

Душные каморки, тесно, грязно. Душевые и туалеты жуть. Мошки в санузле. Нет окон, стремная лестница наверх. Вежливый персонал. От предыдущих хозяев в кровати лежали разбитые ножницы.

Elin Hedin

Great place! Amaziiing location; within 10 minutes you are at the MRT and from there can go to the entire city. Don't forget to also explore Bugis some though - it really has it's pearls. This place was everything my partner and I wanted - somewhere cheap to live to explore Singapore from. We got that, and more. Also: breakfast is included, there is a lovely cozy roofterrace, and you get a phone free of charge! This phone saved us so many times. You can use it to make local calls, and the internet, which, frankly,means that you can look up basically everything.. like how to get home from the club.... Can really recommend this place! And I personally never thought the shared bathroom was a problem, you get your own stall that you can lock :) (and there is both the unisex bathrooms and the ones only for women, if someones thinks that's an issue)

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