Nagoya Sakae Green Hotel

star3.3 ·
place日本〒460-0003 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Nishiki, 3 Chome−17−26
phone+81 52-951-8901



建物、設備ともに相応に年季を感じますが、しっかりと手入れされています。 ツインをシングルユースで使いましたが周辺のビジネスホテルのシングル料金でした。立地もよいので機会があれば再利用します。

Keaton Masuda


タ-コ たこ焼き居酒屋


Timothy Takemoto

Central, polite, clean, adequate size, wired LAN & WIFI. I came for a conference with my bike so I did not mind being a couple of km from the WINC conference centre. This hotel is good for male-centric nightlife and town tourism being on a reddish light district (There are lots of touts and 'ladies' soliciting on the street and the lowest floor may be noisy but my room on 5 was fine), the castle is fairly nearby, as are Mitsukoshi and another department store, a Daiso 100 yen shop, a park with bands, a mid city ferris wheel, Donkiho-te 24hr discount store, loads of places to eat, a dance club called ID, Maruzen bookstore, lots of convenience stores and an Internet cafe. I don't know whether the staff speak English but they were very polite and helpful in Japanese. There is a wonderful free to wash, 200 yen per 30 mins to dry, laundry room! Beer etc vending machine on the 6rh floor. I had online work to do so wanted to be sure of a fast Internet connection. The LAN provided that (and for all I know the free WIFI, which I used with my smart phone, may be just as fast) and the front desk provides LAN cables (in limited number). The only slight problem for me was that when returning to my room when cleaning was in progress, the cleaning staff do not like to move to move to the next room and finish cleaning later. They want to either have you wait till they have finished (they are very thorough so this takes 15 to 20 minutes) or finish even though they have not. However this problem disappeared when I mentioned it to the front desk ー the half finished cleaning was completed perfectly. It is a very clean hotel. The prices are cheaper online than at the front desk but when I said then I'll book online, I was given a discount even better than online! I said I'd pay in cash. If you pay an extra 2500 yen you can use the rooms from about midday. That is expensive but a great help when arriving sweaty at 11:45. I'd love to stay in one of the twin rooms at the front if the hotel , for the street view. They are rented out as singles sometimes on week days. My view had a view onto a light well. If your room does not abut a light well then it is only 1m to the adjacent building. There is a kettle, empty fridge, large flat TV, adequate desk, Japanese dressing gown, razor, tooth brush and paste etc in the room and the front desk will microwave w bento etc. I loved my stay. I want to stay again.


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