Town Hall Station

star3.6 · flag5
placeGeorge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
phone+61 2 9379 4110


Kuan-Yu Lan

The most busiest at peak hours I’ll say. They currently are updating the station. Hope when it finishes it won’t be so humid and looks dirty. But it is a nice station, it has everything you need surrounded. Easy underground connection to Queen Victoria Building and other buildings. Heaps of staff around if you needed help. Downside I will say is they do need more Opal Card machines. During peak hour, you can wait up to 20 minutes to top up a card if you waited in line at the machine. Which a lot of tourists won’t know they can top up at nearby convenient store or Woolworths.

John Doe

Because of a failed economy rampant immigration has overloaded public infrastructure so badly to a point that there is a mad rush to catch up with things such as transport. These areas of the city which now there are many are not worth visiting and are a blight in any photos, better to come back in 3 to 5 years when it's all finished. Mostly it's people from Asia, India and Middle East here, many locals have moved away and the feeling is in this part of Sydney its a poor imitation of the third world accept you don't get any 3rd work advantage of cheap prices. If you want to experience the 3rd world I would recommend Bangkok, they do a much cheaper version of the 3rd world. PS, it would appear Sydney has a massive homeless beggar pollution so they on this point seen to potentially beat Bangkok on this.

Geoff Wong

The Hub of train transport in the city. A lot of commuters get on and off here to get to their work. It gets super busy here in the peak times. Especially when there are delays. Plenty to do here if you are meeting a friend in the city. But make sure you wait for them upstairs, it is super hot in the underground and very unpleasant.

Flame 64 Pro

Looks modern and old at the same time, really convenient as it is basically next to the Town Hall, bit easy to get lost, but still really great station.

Death lightning Gamer

Centrally in the middle of the city and in a good location, check out my other reviews on stations as well, also available in my YouTube channel
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