Perth Airport

star3.1 · flag11
placePerth Airport WA 6105, Australia
phone+61 8 9478 8888


omkar deshpande

One of the best automated airport with less staff on the floor. Starting from baggage tag, boarding pass till self baggage drop point everything is well managed and automated to the fullest. That reduces the check in time dramatically. The security check is also quick moving. I liked this airport and hope to see more automation in future.


A lot less hassle than most international airports - though we did have to go through security twice: once when entering Terminal 3 Departures, a second time when entering the international departures section. Immigration clearance is so easy these days, as was the Tourist Refund Scheme desk: really friendly staff.


Perth Airport is poor. I understand they are renovating it constantly, but the airport is still very bad compared to other airports in the world. The design of the airport is very bad. T1 has arrivals and departures on the same level. I don’t think I have seen another airport designed so poorly. The fact that there is no train service and there is terminals at complete opposite parts of the airport is stupid. If you have a transfer flight and it’s from T1 to T3 for example, you have to catch a bus, which takes a long time. I understand they are adding a train line, plus are wanting to move all terminals to airport central, but it takes ages for Perth Airport to do anything. They stupidly rushed to design the airport, and didn’t do anything to it for ages, until they were forced to do something, so that capacity was not reached. The thing that annoys me even more is the fact that they have apparently already spent $1 billion to upgrade parts of older terminals, build a small, domestic terminal, and a domestic pier, while Canberra Airport spends about $500 million to completely demolish the old terminal, build a new terminal with a much better design and good efficiency, build two new multi-story car parks, and build an airport hotel. If Canberra Airport can do so much for $500 million, Perth Airport’s upgrade plans are very poor. The only reason why this airport gets two stars from me instead of one is because of the constant upgrades that are occurring, and the new food options throughout the terminals. If this airport was well designed, my review would be a different story.

Jaye Nang

The Perth airport has supposedly had renovations. Nice facilities, there are public showers, drinking fountains (doesn't tasted filter. Why does it always feel like two decades ago?

Raylene Robinson

Absolutely nowhere to get ANYTHING gluten free to eat at Qantas. Then told some chips were gluten free pay $12 when delivered told the chips are gluten free but the fried isn't. We were offered a free drink of water instead.
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