Naraken Taibutsuzenkankojidosha Parking Lot

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place日本〒630-8208 Nara-ken, Nara-shi, 奈良県奈良市水門町82
phone+81 742-22-5025




Oscar Mong

Very poor instruction and guide for this parking lot, it is a regular weekday but the parking lot is restricted for buses only without an English notice. There is a staff stopping all cars from entering the lot and pointing us to a coin parking which is very far away from Todaiji. ps. Near the site there is another private parking lot provided by dining places but it is quite easy for people to miss it.

Satoh Shojiro

駐車場の入り口にバス専用というコーンが置いてあって入れなかったので出口側から入ったらおっさんがキレながら文句言ってきた。 おそらくこの流れはうちだけではなく、他の車も同じようなことをしているのだろうが、改善もしないで逆ギレとは…。 逆ギレするし、ほんの30分停めるだけで1,000円も取られる! 全国色々な観光地の駐車場に行きましたがここまで横柄で自分勝手な最悪な駐車場は初めて(`ヘ´) 観光にきて気分悪くなりたくない人は絶対にやめた方が良いですよ!

Shania Wo

Very bad services, we are told to go away by the staff. It is the closet parking lot near Todaiji. Very disappointed that it is not open for private cars.

980X Intel

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