Movie World

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place澳洲昆士蘭州 Oxenford


Hooman Anvari

How can you go wrong with this 'World'? You'll create so many magical memories with famous identities throughout the park. The rides cater for all ages and it's a wonderland for the whole won't regret MW!

Justin Looi

Doesn't have the "Theme Park" feeling, which I find odd for it's large repertoire of licenced characters. What I mean is as we walk through the park, it's just walking from one ride to another. Better theme parks transports us from one WORLD to another (music, architecture, plants, decorations, foods, characters and more). Perhaps it's a tall order for them because It's a very small park and they tried to pack it up with as many rides as they could. The biggest drawback for me is the lack of any transitional/leisure rides to wind down in between high adrenaline rides (safari rides, arcade machines, skill or luck based games, family games, small zoo and more). There's also a lack of 'characters' like food that works very well for photo op. Overall this place feels like an amusement park rather than a theme park.

Shanjivan Padarath

Had a great time here especially the rides! My favourite was the green lantern one and the arkham ride. Their shop was undergoing restructure so managed to grab see merchandise for about $5. Beautiful and entertaining float which interacted well with the crowd, especially cat woman. A must for all, and needs more than one day for the best time there, so get the 5 day or 6 month pass.

Dominic Lacey

A world class theme park with plenty to do for the entire family.

Tim Melville

I went to Movie world for the first time this year with my wife and 2-1/2 YO daughter and was very disappointed in the whole day, we went with the view to allow our daughter to see the attractions and go on a few rides but there were only 3 rides she was tall enough to go on and was turned away from driver training ride after lining up for 20m when she measured up on the height scales outside... I've always had Dream World annual passes growing up and comparatively there is so much more to do for every age level/range so I won't be going back for a long time. Left in disgust & boredom after about 3hrs, felt like the whole place was just a big Merchandise shop with scattered entertainment. We definitely would've enjoyed it more if our daughter was a bit older/taller (90cm+) but still doesn't compare.
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