Pink's Hot Dogs

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place709 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038美國
phone+1 323-931-4223


Bianca Nix

The lines are long, but the service is fast. This place really draws in tourists from all over the world, us included! We probably stood in line for 15 minutes, but once your order has been taken, the service is real fast. This place is famous as many celebs over the years have munched on a Pinks or two. There are even hot dogs named after said celebs. The menu is huge, it's quite difficult to decide on which dog to order. My husband ordered on with pretty much everything on it, somehow managed to eat it all too! There is plenty of seating outside (surprisingly!) and there is a small parking area which allows patrons to park with no cost.

James Church

30-35 cents back in the day. Met my high school friends there late at night after we all got off work in our late teens. Never knew what movie star or pro ball player you would be sitting next to when you ate there. Loved chatting with Martin Landau when he was there. The best chili dogs known to man. Always brings back the greatest memories of the 60's. Wow, how those were fun and carefree days. The greatest period in history. Can't imagine not growing up back then.

Travis Smith

A friend saw this place on the Food Network, So we made a special drive from Anaheim to L.A. while on vacation. All I can say is it was worth the drive. The hot dogs were great and we had some of the best onion rings we've ever had. The only negative is the place is very popular so parking can be tricky and you'll have to wait in line, However it's worth every minute. I can see why Pink's is a landmark and why people continue to go back again and again.

Ormand Deen

Cheeky restaurant that has garnered first stop status for tourists and Hollywood fans alike. If you're reading reviews about this restaurant, you already know about it's rich story of history and fame. If you're wondering about the food, here's my take: Chili Hot Dog: very good but naturally, the chili component is heavy. "Ozzy"polish dog: very messy, requiring a fork and knife. The dog is a polish pork/beef blend (I had mine with an all beef frank) Beverage selection: generous. I enjoyed cream soda in a bottle. Price/value: you're going to get a variety of feedback from other reviewers but I didn't think the price was offensive. $15 all in for 2 hot dogs and a soda. Interior: Historic and interesting. The slow A.C. is a concern on warmer days. Wait: I wouldn't wait in line for this place. You're better served going during early opening hours as I did, unless you want to he part of the tourist wait. No "famous" or "fancy" people were eating there during my stay. Worst case scenario: there are other restaurant options around the block if you arrive and don't want to entertain the wait. All around, I am glad I went to check that off of my to-do list for Hollywood. I can understand the popularity of the restaurant given its historic value and endearing charm.

Jason Muriel

Best place to get a hot dog in Los Angeles. I love the spicy polish dog myself, it is spicy! Chili is good too. Place sells hot dogs, chicken, steak, chili, fries and any combination thereof (chicken and chili cheese fry burrito for example). Lines are ridiculously long during busy hours, so be prepared to wait for a long time.
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