Turkish Market

star4.4 ·
placeMaybachufer, 10999 Berlin, Germany


Carl Nordell

I love this market. It's buzzing with activity and has great produce (and not so great, just cheap produce). Walking thorough here, rubbing shoulders with tourists, immigrants and locals alike, is pretty great. Germany which can be quite stiff needs more of this stuff.

Misfit Wonder

Amazing selection at affordable prices. The atmosphere is just lovely and friendly. Unpretentious and highly recommended.

Michele Palmia

Very many different food options, all for incredibly little money. My suggestions are the vegetarian rolls at one of the first stalls on the left, the Turkish rindfleishpfanne shortly after, or the filled potato towards the end. I don't really like the industrial vegetables being sold here, but everything is very cheap so I fall in temptation sometimes.

Maurice Hage

Incredible atmosphere. Great deals on fresh vegetables! (Also cheaper than supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, etc.) Don't get talked into buying stuff you don't need here (biggest trap).

Sebastian Klett

Absolutely nice market. Fresh products and a really good vibe here. Nice to buy your weekly groceries, fresh veggies and fruits ! You can make some really good deals here and find some really nice food.

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