Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

star4.7 · flag5
placeReynishverfisvegur, Iceland


Alastair Knowles

Really beautiful and peaceful spot! Not the only black-sand beach in Iceland (don't be fooled by the name), but certainly a very pretty one and a great spot to stop and have a picnic/relax on the beach. There are some cool rock formations in the water off shore, and access to restrooms and food services nearby (which isn't always a given when driving around Iceland).

Joanna Caird

Very beautiful place, worth a walk along the beach away from all the tourists. The waves are very impressive and there are plenty of good skiffing stones!

Russell Levine

We decided to pull off Route 1 to stop here even though it was rainy and cloudy. The views were so incredible and we saw a seal swimming in the water! This area is a must-see if you are passing by.

Lewis Lexter Yap

Awesome views. it will make you wonder how the basalt rocks got its shaped like that. Its also fun to walk by the beach. Just be careful and don't get caught by the waves... it can pull you into the ocean.

Thomas Hines

If you are in Iceland you really need to schedule this place in to your trip. This isn't your typical beach, there are small to medium sized rocks and also fine sand. If you walk east on the beach you will encounter what looks like the end of the beach. If you climb over the rocks, you will be on another black sand beach that many people will not be on. You also get a better view of Reynisdragar. Also be safe when here, there are signs posted to not get to close to the water due to 'dearly sneaker waves' that have carried tourists to their demise.
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