Hanoi Old Quarter

star4.5 ·
place14 Yên Thái, Hàng Gai, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, 越南
phone+84 94 796 10 85


Caroline Boisvert

Full of old traditional and new things to discover, buy, see, taste and smell, to get inspired and feel the old Hanoi and its artisans, creators and old architecture, busy streets and foods, colorful handicrafts, paintings, clothing, candies, music instruments, medicinal products, altar products and so much more. Have a drink on the street and meet tourists and expats, see a show or listen to live music, dance and go out in bars, Cafes, restaurants... Night markets at weekends and some pedestrian streets then. The old streets are unique and each specialized in some craft or product, which make them interesting and since they're narrow and change direction, it's easy to get lost and get a special feel, which changes depending on the time of day or night, and season. The presence of the lake, trees, birds and the many layers in what we can observe on the buildings give a sense of peace, beauty and cosiness, proper to interesting exchanges and source of inspiration.

Cristian Nicoara

Crowded, dirty place, bustling with tourists and locals. The pedestrian alleys need urgent maintenance, as well as the buildings is all area. New buildings erected here and there are no architectural match with the rest of the neighborhood. No street cleaning, and the locals are throwing everything anywhere they please. There is no trash bin in the whole area. Stuff being sold in shops is low quality Chinese items. With a good management, this area could become a tourist icon, but currently it is left in ruin.

Radityo Nandiasa

This neighborhood is really attractive. There are a lot of street food for you too try. A lot of street vendor sell quality items for cheap price, especially if you try to haggle the price. The neighborhood is hectic and full of life! Some people said that Vietnam is full of scam artist and robber, but I walked at night several times and it was safe. I will probably go there again if I got time.

La Zenia

Vibrant location with cultural events happening all around you, on each little street. From the local aunties preparing local delicacies to artistically directed events... Great for shopping or just watch the world go by over a lemongrass tea or a coconut milk coffee. Fascinating in any season!

Jamie Peake

Easy to get around. Watch out for the traffic. Great food and fun. Beautiful lake.

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