i-Exit Vancouver

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place1129 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M1加拿大
phone+1 778-379-8828


Monica Han

I've been to six escape rooms around the world and this is one of the best escape rooms I've ever been. It was indeed a bit difficult, but we were able to get out (with a lot of hints!) The gentleman working there is SUPER kind and professional. Thank you for being so patient and generous with me and my friend. Highly recommend!

Greg Dunn

We did the Pirate-themed room. If you've done escape rooms before, then you probably won't find a huge challenge here. Still, sometimes it's nice to kick a room's butt! Everything worked well, there was a good balance of physical and mental puzzles. There were no time-wasting, number-crunching, or otherwise needlessly-frustrating. Puzzles. We had fun, and will probably visit again!


Completed my fourth room and had a blast. The pirate puzzle is challenging -- we used up most of our hints in the first room -- but with a little experience under our belt and encouragement from the helpful staff we managed to make it out. Thanks for the awesome time!

Meagan Powell

I went in a small group and we had a blast! Somewhat pricy, but definitely a good thing to try at least once! Staff were chill and instructions were simple before going into the rooms. The difficulty varies from room to room and our group had the third most difficulty puzzle. Lots of subtle puzzles that were hard to look for at first. Overall, I would probably go again :)

J Ho

The staff were very nice and accommodating. However, the experience would have been more enjoyable if there was some kind of noise or mood music in the room. It felt a bit strange to hear what was going on outside of our walls. Still had fun though!

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