The Harry Potter Shop

star3.9 · flag2
place3/4 King's Blvd, Kings Cross, London WC1H 8NN, UK
phone+44 20 3196 7375


Richard LaBerge

We were really disappointed by the store experience. That merchandise were dissapointing such as inadequate colors. Also we did not fond anything inspiring and the way the store it killed all the magic. Please rethink the store design and also the store experience. We did not buy. Will do it online. I do not recommend it to anyone.

Sabo H

This store is located inside the King's Cross station. The store is horribly crowded, and we had to stand in a queue to enter (albeit just for 5 minutes which wasn't THAT bad) I thought the interor design was pretty and spread the sense of the Harry Potter universe - battered suitcases, owls, stars and owl cages, old dark wood. Upon entering there is a whole room of HP related merch - gryffindor, hufflepuff, slytherin and ravenclaw, a few merchs with Platform 9 3/4 written on it, chocolate frogs and candy slugs. In my opinion the merchandise was overpriced and there wasn't really a huge variety of merchandise or at least I expected it to be more extensive. The staff was super nice and we could even bring our dog into the shop, I liked the pride flag buttons the staff attached to their clothing, made me feel more comfortable and accepted to meet likeminded people. Right next to the shop there is the famous wagon that is half into the wall, and you can stand in a very long queue to get a picture done and buy it afterwards. I know the size of the crowd can't be regulated by staff because you can't just deny someone entering but to me it made my visit less pleasurable. The heat inside the shop was also stiffling, and I felt as though I needed to get out in order to breathe. Over all it was still pretty to look at and the staff was nice so at least that's what I can keep from my trip.


Total zoo. People fighting like animals to give them their money. Chaos.

Amanda Price

Great store but ALWAYS crowded. Good selection of Harry Potter gifts and souvenirs.

mholliscvc Hollis

Great store, wands sold here are different from the ones at the London studio. Actually like these better!
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