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place1400 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138美國
phone+1 800-392-6100


Nor Fadzleen Sa'don

One of my favorite places. It's a very cosy area with a lot of shops selling unique items with neighborly atmosphere. Walking is highly recommended as you'll discover many wonderful bookstores such as poetry book store and Harvard book store.

John Bach

All about in-station turnback: There is no in-station turnback path in Harvard station. If you want to turnback into the opposite direction, you can tell the station staff before you go out to let them open the ticket barrier on the other side to allow you come in again for free. I was doing so, and three homeless guys followed me to pass through the ticket barrier. Of course it was a pleasure to help them.

London Glaceon

Near by one of America's most famous colleges! The building seems really cool!

Serge Gregoire

My favorite place to go in the Boston area. It is just amazing in the summer!

Jacques van der Merwe

Good station. Please make the paper ticket travel system easier to understand.

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