Lu Feng Restaurant

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Julia K

What posed me off about the restaurant is the presumptuous manner we were treated. I think a place like that should be upfront about their seating and prices. Our story: As we decided to have dinner at the place we were given a number and then the host tried to seat us where we could not see the view. We were told that we have to order 300$ HKD minimum in order to seat where we wanted. Note: the restaurant was almost empty. Upon ordering the food we were suggested to have sparkling water which turned out to be more than the taxI ride back home to another part of the city. About 10$USD. I find it was especially sneaky of them. The food is mediocre given the prices and the hostility was felt from the moment we said we wanted a different table. At the price of one set you can buy a bag of the same dim sum at the store and have them steamed at home. I do not recommend because this restaurant turned out to be one of those places that ovrecharges and does not deliver. Too bad for them. The decore and view are great. Everything else not so.

Patrick MNK

Good HK food

Yang Fei
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