Charis Seafoods

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place371 Marine Parade, Labrador QLD 4215澳洲
phone+61 7 5527 1100


Carolyn Seears

We drove down from Brisbane to the Gold Coast for a day out and had heard about Charis seafoods so decided to order some fish and chips for lunch. The selection of fresh seafood looked good but was surprised at the price of the fresh cooked prawns. The tiger prawns were around $44/ kg and the other fresh cooked prawns were around $38/kg. When I asked why they were so expensive the young guy said that's what they are normally priced at and that there were times when there was " closure". When I asked what that meant he was a bit put out as I guess he expected me to know what he meant. I said to him that normally these prices are something you would pay around Xmas and was curious as to why they were this pricey. He bluntly said I would be paying around $50/ kg at Christmas. I thought he was really unfriendly and decided not to buy ANY fresh seafood to take home for dinner and won't go back there in the future. We had already ordered fish and chips which we were waiting on which I must say was disappointing.The chips were good, but the battered flake had been overcooked and rubbery. I actually think the inflated prices are for the tourist buses that stop there as we saw 3 stop whilst we were there.


would never ever go back ever again. couldn't even eat the frozen fish! (said fresh) would have been a few days to a week old fish, snapper cost an extra $5, witch wasn't worth it at all. didn't even taste like snapper. was cold and so-gee. chips were cold (no taste at all!!). . i wish i could give it half a star because this is the worst meal i have ever had!! $27 dollar meal for one was just a ripe off as well. The owner of this place should be smarten up!!!

Will Lowe

Their raw and cooked seafood are priced towards tourists. There's no reason why I should be paying $44/kg for XL shrimp when the markets sell it for $25/kg. Behind the building has incredibly beautiful seaside view with park benches and....tourists....tons of tourists.

John Tran

Fresh prawns. The fish and chips had always been consistent. The seaside view is well worth the drive from Brisbane.

Lyn Lee

No dinner tonight, the flake went in the bin it was rubbery and hard. I am disgusted and disappointed and out of pocket. I've had to give it a star to get this review posted however 1 star is far to good for the product.
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