Pelican Feeding

star4.5 · flag1
placeThe Entrance NSW 2261, Australia
phone+61 2 4333 5377


Natasha Younger

Incredible experience. The Pelicans are plentiful, swimming and soaring to the feeding area ahead of time, and confident around people. Much hilarity in the Pelicans swaggering and playing amongst themselves and the people about. On the day I was here one of the Pelicans had at some time in the recent past been tangled with fishing line and a hook through wing and beak (swallowing the hook!), the wonderful people feeding and telling us about the Pelicans managed to catch him and untangle all of the line. It was heartwarming and incredible.

Richard Ding

it is very nice free show at 3:30pm everyday

Florencio Vong

Great for family! Get there early to reserve your seat.

Stuart Price

Can't really complain about much when it's a free show! But any "tourists" reading this, SIT DOWN IF YOU'RE IN THE FRONT.

Aaron Ooi

A lovely place to see the pelicans while eating fish and chips!
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