Georgetown Cupcake

place111 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012, USA
phone+1 212-431-4504


jaq velez

This place is so dangerous! I use to come in at least twice a week to get cupcakes for my office. I don't think you can go wrong with any of their cupcakes. I love the sparkly bedazzled kitchen aid mixer. I secretly want one. Their typical selection is absolutely delish but if you try the monthly special flavors you won't be disappointed. I love the earl grey one that comes around in April. I get it for my birthday! It's amazing! Also the raspberry lemon one is to die for. Seriously, you can't go wrong with any of their flavors just get yourself a half dozen and you'll be all smiles.

Trish Jar

Having been introduced to these delicious cupcakes by a friend, Georgetown makes some of the best cupcakes I've ever had. In the past week, I've visited twice and the taste, texture and overall quality of the cupcakes have been excellent. Cake is moist, frosting just the right amount of sweet, and the daily menu offers a lot of variety. Service is quick and friendly. My favorites are the Cookies 'n Cream and Vanilla Birthday 馃榿

Ashli Brown

WHY must you be soooo delectably good?! I was first introduced to these last year for my birthday/Valentines Day! My dad ordered 2 dozen with "happy birthday" the letter "A" and cute little hearts! I was extremely impressed by the personalization they were able to do from the frosting colors to the individual to cupcakes displaying either HBD, A, and or hearts!! The texture of these bad boys is SERIOUSLY good. I've had a lot of cupcakes! (I love birthdays lol strictly for the cupcakes!) these are hands down in the top 3! The frosting is real cream cheese (when specified). Listing they work with nuts so if you have allergies be aware!! The frosting is also light, smooth and fluffy. I am really impressed by the offerings of different flavors based off the week and month. I can't stand that I am right outside the Lincoln tunnel and these are in the city, but whenever we have a special day it's my go to spot! I will pay the $$ for a good cupcake! I normally order ahead as I have little ones so standing in line isn't something I can do (but totally would). The shop is super cute! The workers are great very friendly helpful and professional. Now the customers on the other hand, can be a little rude but I just think it's because they're craving for a cupcake ;-)

Nat Lopez

This is my fav cupcake place. My fav cupcake is the red velvet. They use real cream cheese for their frosting and I've never found a place that does. Other places usually lie about use real cream cheese! Not here! The best! Yum and I love their little to go boxes that protect the cupcakes from messing up.

Andrea Ramirez

The freshly baked cupcakes taste really good; the rest, not so much. They also have at least one gluten-free cupcake flavor everyday. They're expensive, but their shop is cute if you want to have a seat while noshing on dessert :)
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