Real No. 6 Restaurant

star4.2 ·
place泰國, 32 ซอย พระบารมี 3 ตำบลป่าตอง อำเภอ กะทู้ ภูเก็ต 83150泰國
phone+66 81 922 4084


Jayni Morris

No vegetarian food. Only some vegetables- morning glory or broccoli with oyster sauce. Spring rolls have chicken. No vegetarian option menu. No tofu. I find this situation of poor quality to not have this option menu.


싸고맛있고 방라로드쪽은 시끄럽고 기다려야되지만 여긴 바로바로먹고 시원.셔틀타고올라갈때 롤러코스터보다 짜릿함. 모기가많으나 모스키토달라고하면 바로바로줌. 6일동안 두번갔고 8ㅡ9메뉴먹어도 1500바트선. 태국식못먹는사람도 다 먹을수있을만큼 향신료 향이 절대없음.그냥 다먹음 맛있음.

Kathi W

Great food, great pricing But cash only - no credit card

Lawrence Siow

Delicious the dishes here more spicy more original. No wonder so many fake no6 :) dun go to the wrong 6 :)

Jelvin Tan

Great view, great and affordable food. Try the pineapple baked rice.
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