Kona International Airport

star3.5 · flag2
place73-200 Kupipi St, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA
phone+1 808-327-9520


Anders Granlund

Landing here is perfect. Leaving is terrible. There’s no real restaurant so if your traveling with children you need to plan since not even the long haul flights provide food anymore unless you’re in business class. You would think that a nice last impression of Kona and a nice way to wrap up a vacation would be to have a glass of wine in the warm Hawaii air but that’s not possible either. The only “restaurant” (it’s rather a cafeteria) doesn’t allow you to bring drinks to the tables just outside. Probably not their decision but it’s a pity if Kona doesn’t realize that these things combined doesn’t give a good last impression at all for tourists visiting.

Erin Hinz

Arguably the best airport to land! I love when I'm flying into Kona because everything is outside. You instantly get the smell of the sweet Hawaiian breeze as soon as you walk out of the airplane doors. It's a laid back airport (Hawaiian style), but the employees are polite and it's easy to find your way around. Don't forget you also have to go through agricultural quarantine for your carry-on bags - that's a Hawaiian law. Some people get annoyed, but everyone has to do it to make sure you aren't taking any Island produce with you.

Marcus Belben

Probably my favourite airport in the world. It feels like your landing next to a little beach hut. Everything is outdoors and protected from sun/ rain. Welcoming, quick to walk through and packed with Hawaiian charm.

Alex Draper

We had a great experience at the Kona airport. It is very relaxed and makes for a very easy going experience. We arrived two hours early, as we do with all other flights, but we were completely through in no time at all. It is very beautiful and all out doors. There is plenty of shaded areas so you don't get too warm outside.

Ameer Al Wafai

At a first glance it looked really nice and touristy. Then after you spend couple of hours in it waiting for your flight you feel the humidity and you wish it to be a regular airport with a/c. Not enough seats and the shaded area is limited. The terminal we flew from only has 5 gates so it's easy to make a small area with a/c to whoever prefers that.

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