Kona International Airport

star3.5 · flag4
place73-200 Kupipi St, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA
phone+1 808-327-9520


Tuhin Sinha

Great airport. I guess the only people who have left reviews for the airport are the ones that had a bad experience. I flew out of the United terminal. Couldn’t be smoother. Easy check-in. Friendly staff. Great restaurant to pick up a quick bite for okay "airport" prices. Nice seating area while waiting (not sure why so many of the reviewers say they got wet in the rain. Sounds stupid). All in all, great terminal to travel in and out of Kona.

David Scott

This airport is a miserable nightmare. Never before have I been anxious to get onto the plane to escape the awful so-called terminal. The outdoor design seems like a nice idea at first, but the reality is anything but. If it's raining, you get wet. And you still have to take your shoes off to go through security. Or at least you have a 50% chance of needing to take your shoes off. Once you're through, you're packed tightly in with the other waiting passengers because there simply isn't any space. Good luck finding any semblance of comfort in here.

Stephanie Moraca

Nightmare to check in and access your gate via Hawaiian Airlines. There is zero organization- people were scrambling through the long security line wrapping all around check in to print their boarding passes and check bags. Staff spent time mingling with each other rather than guiding passengers to the proper area, and passengers were standing all over the check in area with bags on the ground trying to figure out where to go. Only 1 of the 8 check in kiosks were functioning. I recommend avoiding this airline if possible, or arrive 2.5 hours ahead of your departing time to make a neighbor island flight.

David Young

Way too small for the number of flights it services. Tiny restaurant, newsstand, and washrooms. Check in area is way too small for the size of number of passengers on larger flights. When its raining there is not enough covered area for all the people waiting. Only air conditioning is in stores. Not great combo in the mid day sun, no breeze and kids. Also only 2 fuel trucks to fill the planes. If 1 breaks down you can can expect 2+ hours delays as the airport is not able to fuel planes fast enough. Overall this airport seems a couple of decades behind where it should be for the volume of passengers.

Erin Hinz

Arguably the best airport to land! I love when I'm flying into Kona because everything is outside. You instantly get the smell of the sweet Hawaiian breeze as soon as you walk out of the airplane doors. It's a laid back airport (Hawaiian style), but the employees are polite and it's easy to find your way around. Don't forget you also have to go through agricultural quarantine for your carry-on bags - that's a Hawaiian law. Some people get annoyed, but everyone has to do it to make sure you aren't taking any Island produce with you.

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