CHOJIRO Shijo Kiyamachi

star4.0 · flag4
place日本〒600-8011 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, Hashimotochō, 103−2
phone+81 75-708-2037



5월 중순 평일, 저녁 8시쯤 왔는데 대기시간이 40~50분 정도 되었음. 가격이 결코 싸지 않은데 비해 맛의 퀄리티는 상당히 떨어집니다. 참치는 너무 녹아 미지근한 상태로 나왔고, 그나마 한국에서 많이 접할 수 있는 도미와 방어도 가격에 비해 맛이 별로였습니다. 친절하고 외국어 메뉴를 지원해 주문하기도 편했습니다만... 구글에 후기가 많아 맛집인줄 알고 갔지만 거의 대부분의 손님들이 서양분들이었고 우리가 가게에 있을 때 일본 현지인은 단 한명도 없었습니다.

Damon Spiegel

Came for lunch with my three kids. The fish isn't fresh and the fish that is fresh is very poor in quality. We happened to just walk in and find this spot. It's a great location but I had a few pieces that just didn't taste right. We ordered some uni and it looked like an uni liquid sauce...looking at it right now and won't even taste it.. the more I sit here the more I recommend you go someplace else..

Nam Eric Doan

Perfect for what it is, in between traditional and and untraditional, this place is a good casual eat with some of the menu on a conveyor belt. What's off the menu is good as well. The fish is good quality, but I wish they would take the flavoring options away from the customers and let the chefs brush on sauce. Spent around 3000 for two people, would come back again.

Antoine B

Very good 🍣. You can't stay more than an hour though. And you will wait around 30mins on the evening if you did not make a reservation. But it's worth it ! It's a little pricey too, but the quality is here.

Kyle Weber

Very good food. I really liked the tempura sushi (not super greasy but still flavorful), the sake I ordered,, the white fish sushi with plum sauce, the tuna trio dish I ordered, the shrimp sushi, and a few other things whose names I cannot remember. The asparagus sushi was the only dish of the meal I didn't enjoy.
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