CHOJIRO Shijo Kiyamachi

star4.0 · flag5
place103-2 Hashimotochō, Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 600-8011日本
phone+81 75-708-2037


Immanuel Garcera

A little touristy but we still had an amazing experience. It's a little more presentable that the usual sushi joint and it's a big plus that their menu and some table wear had English labels and translations. This was our first sushi and experience in Japan and it did not disappoint! The quality of fish used was good, the textures were amazing, (especially the blue fin) and the presentation was gorgeous. Reasonably priced as well and close to the station which are all great bonuses! The servers were really nice as well, always smiling and they even helped the guy beside us who spilled the macha powder all over his seat-mate's sushi. They replaced it with no hesitation and both of them had an awkward rest of the meal sitting beside each other.

ky le

토욜 12시에 갔음. 웨이팅 각오하고 갔는데 의외로 한산 가자마자 900엔정도하는 정식을 하나 시킴 튀김이 존맛.. 미소시루는 영...입에 안맞음ㅠㅠ 내 입맛엔 걍 구수한 된장국이 최고ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 맨 왼쪽밑에 있는건 뭔지 모르겠지만 솔직히 비주얼만 보고 안 먹으려다 돈아까워서 먹음. 먹길잘했지 저기 있는거중 젤 맛있었음 롤은 맛없ㅎ 새우튀김도 시켰는데 기름이 좔좔 접시에 흥건하게 흐를정도ㅠㅠ 같이 나오는 샐러드 없음 못먹을듯 새우튀김이 나오면서 태블릿 가져감. 말이 안 통하니 이유를 모르겠음... 더 먹지 말란건가..? 할수없이 회전초밥 먹기 시작. 회전초밥 회전율이 안좋아서인가 접시에 밥이 들러붙을 정도로 메마른상태? 두접시 먹고 도저히 못먹겠다 싶어서 나옴... 태블릿을 왜 가져간건지는 아직도 의문... 주문해서 먹는 초밥은 4점, 회전초밥은 2점

Tony Simmons

super super greatest sushi restaurant!! everyone was so kind, food was very fresh, very nice and even cheap! beverage was awesome.

Yvonne WU

I went to Japan twice and I just couldn't miss this restaurant. They have really good Sushi. The place is small. Be sure to go there earlier, or you will not be able to have a seat.

Eric Guo

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