Wat Ratcha Burana

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place泰國大城 Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, 阿瑜陀耶邮政编码: 13000


Eric Shen

拉嘉布拉那寺(Wat RatchaBurana)壮观的遗迹,能想象当年的雄伟。建于1424年左右,1957年9月偷盗者挖开了主塔地宫,偷走许多贵重的宝物。后来泰国文化艺术厅与联合国教科文组织开始积极的修复古迹,在主塔中又陆续挖出不少金制的佛像及手工艺品,并开通一条通道通往地宫,供游客参观欣赏壁画,可惜现在在修缮,地宫也封闭了。

Jo Lee

Wat Ratchaburana is next to Wat Mahathat, which is pretty similar. After seeing the latter, you might be a bit disappointed with this. This condition of the wat is pretty good and it has been restored to its original condition. The main prang is accessible via steep stairs.

Nick McFarland

Big, old, impressive and rich in history like many of the other temples. BUT, this one has a tomb you can climb into from the main prang!

Kevin Sorensen

This is another of the beautiful temples in the area. Originally restored.

Frank Balikok

Increible ver todas las estatuas de Buddha sin cabeza. Se necesita tiempo para admirar con detalle este templo tan grande!!

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