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place日本〒110-0005 Tōkyō-to, Taitō-ku, 台東区Ueno, 4 Chome−4−2−3
phone+81 3-5807-7330


Ariel Yaeli

I've been to this location so many times and always walked out with a great new piece! Expect to spend quite a while looking through the racks and racks of clothing here. The store itself is just overflowing with clothes, but the prices are very reasonable, more so than other thrift stores around Tokyo and the clothes themselves tend to be in very good condition!

Paramitha Putri Indraswari

Many defect clothes and bags. bing-o shibuya is better than this place.

Dan Tilden

Definitely recommend visiting; they have a huge selection of clothes spanning 4 stories. The 4th floor isn't air conditioned, though, so if you visit during the summer that floor will be tough to browse. Price-wise, if you search hard enough you can find deals, though much of the inventory is a tad overpriced.

Trond Johnsen

Several floors with second hand clothes and shoes. You will also find sine cheap used suitcases and bags.

Nhật Nguyễn Chiêu

4 tầng 2 nam 2 nữ tha hồ chọn. :))
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