Pioneer Park

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place2300 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99701美國
phone+1 907-459-1087


Sharp Life

Great place to walk around and tour. Museum was free or by donation. Air museum cost so we didn't go. Easy to run out of money on vacation. Los to look at. Great playground for kids. They had a train to ride on as well. $2pp but we skipped that as we rode a train in another town and money is tight nearing the end of the trip. Could spend a day here. Places to eat. Lots of washrooms. Picnic tables for those that want to pack a lunch. It looked like rvs could stay overnight for a fee

Kimberly Leeds

Went on a Wednesday afternoon, and it wasn't busy at all. Loved that! There's a lot of space for the kids to play or you to walk the dog. Attempted to ride the train, bought tickets, and the train driver, Emmit took off early. As we were walking to board, he was taking off and lied saying they were full. In reality, he left before he was supposed to. They weren't going to give us back our money, but after some serious persuading, they begrudgingly obliged. Overall a good trip, but some very rude staff.

Aino Welch

This is an eclectic collection of old cabins and the small businesses who occupy them have lots of souvenirs and handmade Alaskan items. Walking dogs and kids is a activity. The playgrounds are fun and have lots of things to do for kids of all ages, divided into 3 areas age appropriately. Several museums and a theater keeps you entertained. An old stern wheeled grounded ship gives you an insight in the local area villages with a shipload of model villages from the past. The salmon bake, and many food vendors insure you don't have to go hungry or thirsty. Finally the steam train runs around the whole park. It is definitely a place to visit, whether local or tourist

Beth Hurst

We had a very mixed experience here. We took advantage of their RV parking-lot park and stayed 2 nights ($12, self registration) You are very close to the main road. The first night we had no issues. It was reasonably quiet for an inner town parking lot but the second night, we had locals in cars screaming around our unit, blaring music and beeping their horn. I'm glad my kids would sleep through anything because its quiet a disturbing experience. With no one else in the parking lot, they parked within 2 feel of our unit and played their music full blast for half an hour. We left the next day. The park itself was nearly all closed when we visited and only the museum was open, they charge for the theatre/painting exhibit and request a donation to enter. It didn't look very interesting so we didn't go in.

Suraiya Knudson

A great place for many activities from shopping, to exploring the several museum's, different varieties of art in music to culture to contemporary, and a playground for the kids. In addition, every night at 7 they feature a music performances. The Pioneer Park also has many food vendors and a lot of different places to have a picnic or a BBQ or your organization or business can book a pavilion for summer picnic parties. They have an optional RV parking as well. So, much more to name, definitely a great place for the family and visitors. I would definitely recommend coming here.
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