Hello Kitty Japan

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place日本〒135-0064 Tōkyō-to, Kōtō-ku, Aomi, 1 Chome−1−10, ダイバーシティ東京プラザ 2F
phone+81 3-3527-6118


mayu h

毎月子供と一緒に行っております。 行く度に楽しみにしている、こんがり焼きを購入し食べたのですが… 味が変わったのか、甘味がかなり少なく… いつもは子供と取り合いっこになる程ですが、今回はほとんど残ってしまいました。 毎回楽しみにしていたので、全く美味しく感じず残念でした。 以前は大量に作り置きをしていなかったのに、最近では冷たくなった古い状態の物しか購入出来ないです。 運が良ければ焼きたてを購入出来るかと思います。 この味のままだともう購入する事は無いと思います。


My kids are happy to visit this store, but, I don't! Too costy~~~

Catherine Huang

三麗鷗的明星商品裡面都有, 看到還有蛋黃哥真是開心。

Habib Khan

Great shop indeed! With the amazing smell of freshly cooked pancakes, it kind of forces you to go in. Once you are in, you will see many beautiful things in many cute colors and shapes that they make you want to buy them! The shop used to be small,but a recent renovation made it quite spacious. So now, even on a Saturday afternoon you can still navigate inside quite easily. A must-check shop in Diver City.

Brian Chiu

Staff need to pay more attention even they cannot understand English. They didn't provide cutlery and water, I was waiting for a couple of minutes and wondering how was I supposed to eat without anything. Then they forgot to give me my drink as well. I think that's just the basic tasks but they failed to do the job.

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