Wufenpu Shopping District

star3.8 · flag20
placeAlley 9, Lane 443, Yongji Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
phone+886 2 2720 8889


Woon Ching Lai, Emily

Really love this place for cheaper cloths (wholesale price). You can find cheap and good quality cloths here, just need more time to search. But don't be there too early, usually their opening time is at 1PM. Some are even open at evening time. Avoid to visit on Monday as is the day the sellers busy for their wholesale customers.

Jessa Esmeralda

Lots of places to buy clothes from... and as always, it isn’t lacking any stalls to buy food from. Conveniently located near Raohe market so you can either go before or after shopping. Bring cash with you and double check cheaply priced clothes. Some have stains and weirdly sewn.

Sam Lee

I've noticed that sellers in the area have increased their prices quite a bit in only a couple of years. Current price seem to be either the same price as clothes found in the states or online, though often the prices where even higher. Low quality backpacks that could be found on Amazon or eBay for $20-$30 were being sold for around $50. It could be that they saw foreigners and raised the price but when confronted with the price difference the shop owners just got frustrated. I had a great experience two/three years ago, but this time everyone came out of the shopping experience frustrated and smelling of cigatttes and exhaust.

Alvin C

Cool shopping district with some snacks and a decent variety of clothing at pretty good prices. No bargaining so just don't try. Smaller selection of men's clothing, and no change rooms to try anything but accessories or outerwear. Fun place to check out if in Taipei

Bruce MacNeil

This place is terrific. There are hundreds and hundreds of stalls of vendors selling wholesale clothing. Even if you choose not to bargain the prices are very reasonable but please be mindful that the quality is somewhere between Walmart and Oak picture. They have most sizes and the vendors are actually very very helpful and actually honest.

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