Art In Paradise

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placeDin Daeng Khwaeng Din Daeng, Khet Din Daeng, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400泰国
phone+66 2 660 9130


Frankie Louie


Rovin Park

다른 나라, 다른 곳에도 이곳과 같은 트릭아트 시설이 있겠습니다만 무엇보다 사람이 적어 여유롭게 관람하고 사진을 찍을 수 있는 곳입니다. 두개 층으로 이루어져 있고 환타스틱한 공간과 고전 명화를 토대로 한 고전적인 공간으로 나뉘어져 있습니다. 위치는 아속에서 북쪽으로 많이 이동해야 해 애매할 수 있습니다만 이곳이 위치한 건물에는 영화관을 포함한 쇼핑몰이 잘 갖추어져 있어 식사 및 간식도 한번에 가능합니다. 신발을 벗고 들어가야한다는 점을 참고하여 주시고 미리 에이전시를 통해 사전 구매하면 할인된 가격으로 관람 할 수 있습니다.

Mike Du Bose

It was a rainy day, I was looking for something to do and I remembered that this place was on my to do list and thought it would be the perfect indoor activity. It was pretty easy to find, a short MRT ride to the Thailand Cultural Center station and then a short walk to the Esplanade Shopping Mall, go to the 4th floor and you'll find it there. The whole facility is set up so you can wander around an take photos, it will be best if you come with someone else or several people so that you can all take each others photos. It's my understanding that you may bring a tripod to help facilitate in your photo taking. There are several large rooms to walk through with multiple murals for your photo taking pleasure. There is no particular order that you have to go so if there is a group monopolizing an artwork that you want to photograph you can just keep moving and come back to it later when it will hopefully be free of interlopers. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain at what angle you should be taking the photograph and where your subject should stand but not to worry, there are markings on the floor to show you where to take the photo and there are photos posted so you can see how you should set up your subject. We took many good photos and we had fun but as you can see I only rated the experience 2 stars and the reason for this that the company engages in a Dual Pricing System, also known as Two-Tier Pricing. If you don't know what that is it means that a visitor to Thailand will pay more for the same service than a Thai person will, in this case if you are Thai you will pay a 200 Baht entry fee but if you are a foreigner you pay 400 Baht and that just rubs me the wrong way. This would have been a 4 star review if not for this blatantly discriminatory practice.

r hrs

休日だったにも関わらず、混んでいなかったので十分写真を撮ったり見たりして楽しめた。ワークパーミットを忘れたため大人1人400THB(一般料金)だった。子供は100㎝以下は無料。 広過ぎず、ちょうど良い広さ。

ALice Chan

一次很好的體驗 朋友說要到這裡逛,便跟她一起到來,猜不到在這裡能消磨了兩三個小時,現場購票THB100,算是十分超值的體驗。 唯一的缺點對我個人來說,就是進場後要脫掉鞋子令我不能使用鞋墊,對於扁平足的我而言雙腳是有點難受,加上場內幾乎沒有能休息的地方,只好硬著頭皮走完整個場地,不過這個缺點對於雙腳沒有問題的人士應該沒什麼關係。
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