Grand Park City Hall

star4.1 · flag1
place10 Coleman St, Singapore 179809
phone+65 6336 3456


Graham Lewis

Building site! Don't bother unless you're not into a good nights sleep. Room App for the phone is complete rubbish and the control panel in room takes an age to turn a light off or switch on the air con. Staff are friendly but can't do the simplest of tasks and have to be reminded several times, even then you won't get the result you were looking for. Also lifts have a life of their own as your room card will stop working after 24 hours. Cleaners ignore the "Do Not Disturb" sign on doors and finally food turns up cold. This hotel is all style and no content. Sure it will be amazing when it's finished but by then hopefully it will be out of business. Hugely disappointing, avoid.

Jaap Elzerman

Beautiful new rooms. Good breakfast. Only downside is that it is still under construction. They only work at reasonable times though.

Siong Eng

The hotel itself was ok and we did enjoy our stay, but the one criticism I'd have is that it does not deserve the 5 star label it currently has. The hotel lobby is small and not very well air conditioned, the buffet breakfast was a huge let down. Limited options and quite a small dining area. Food was very average too. The 'welcome fruit basket' we received through staying in the club room was a plate of fruit covered with cling wrap. The club room 'all day refreshment' options consistent of water, soft drink and 1 small plate of small cakes. The room service is not 24h and the options are average at best and way overpriced. The staff however were mostly nice. They allowed us to have our club room afternoon drinks in the room as we had a toddler with us and it was time for his nap. I would recommend this hotel only if you get a really good deal but that said, if you find a 4 star hotel at a better price, I would go for the 4 star. They are renovating at the moment (which is why we got a good price) so who knows, they may or may not step it up after the renovations are done. We stayed during May 2017.

Tuckwai Leong

Newly renovated rooms. Very modern contemporary. Very nice design. Very high tech room.

Lynley Mannell

Horrible. What they don't tell you when you book is that there is a year of construction ongoing and no facilities are open. They also don't tell you that the management is rude, arrogant and don't care of you have a nice stay at all. Their facilities injured my child, they sole my clothes... and me crying on check out paying full price for this inhumane treatment. I will NEVER go back.
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