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place澳洲新南威爾斯州 Mascot


Imad Ali

The trains are always packed up in the peak hours you hardly get a seat in always standing up sometimes you have push yourself in just to get in there should be a better solution to this

jim boi

I use this station instead of domestic airport as they don't have the surcharge anymore

Joe Sanfilippo

Platforms need to be much wider now with increased use. Escalators should be placed either side o stairs and not together. People tend to block the entry point as people try to exit escalator. When will an underpass be built to reduce the traffic across the pedestrian crossing? It would be good if one was included into the building plans of the Merriton Apartments with several entry points just like Green Square and Town Hall. Would make traffic management so much easier.

Andrew Calvin

Just an underground station

Lawrence Chiu

Clean convenient but could do with improved frequency
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