Budget Car Rental

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place821 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103美國
phone+1 415-957-9998


Karen Noceda

My first time renting a car in SF and was greeted by a super friendly staff! Clean location, the only downside is getting the cars in and out. Only one way in/out. However, the process of getting my car was easily and I was pleasantly surprised at the Hyundai Elantra that I received. Super cute blue/purplish 4 door car. I got a ton of compliments on it. I felt so good driving around it in. Very clean, quite a few upgrades. Ease of returning it to the airport couldn't have been quicker. I'll definitely rent from there again!

Arthur Zey

While I think that Budget has a lot they can do technologically to catch up with 2015, this particular location is very friendly, efficient, and the entire checkout and return experience was quite pleasant. Sure, the bathroom could be nicer, but overall, I like this rental location more than any other that I've ever used (especially airports). Here is the feedback that I gave them in an email survey I received: Everything was great and fast. My only frustrations are that the systems are a little buggy in terms of reservations and checking prices, there's too much that's manual and on paper at the rental counter, and use of the FasTrak device has an OUTRAGEOUS fee, especially if it's going to be used just once during a reservation (it's not a convenience at ALL).

Jim Ryan

Great value, great car, great service.

Eduard Renom Arboix

When we arrived at the office to pick up the car, they didn't have the one we originally paid formm. As a result we had two options: pay $60 more for an upgraded car or wait until someone returns back a car we wanted.

Google 使用者

Just when I thought excellence and general "with-it-ness" were not to be found on the front lines of this business (or any for that matter), Steve--the fellow manning the desk--has single-handedly restored my faith in the power of real competence and customer service. I walked into the office needing a car for the day and watched Steve multi-task with facility and good humor. There were several of us there in line--all in various stages of filling out paperwork, inspecting cars, etc. Steve juggled us all with such skill and grace that it was actually a pleasure to do business with him. Imagine that--an actual pleasure to do business with. Driving out of the bay, my wife and I looked at one-another and recognized the shock of high competence this young man represents. We couldn't get over how good he was; and then we couldn't get over how we couldn't get over it. It's so rare to interact with someone who has actually got it together. He will go far. If Budget is smart, they will have him train others. For now, if you need to rent a car in the SF area, I don't think you can do better than to work with Steve

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