The Wall of I love you

star4.2 · flag3
placeSquare Jehan Rictus, Place des Abesses, 75018 Paris, 法國
phone+33 6 77 06 81 38


Damien Thierry

Mur des je t'aime dans toutes les langues .Je ne connaissais pas cet endroit Le mur des je t'aime est un monument de Paris . Point de rencontre des amoureux pour un voyage à Paris au départ de Montmartre. Un espace où l'amour se conjugue dans toutes les langues : Le mur des je t'aime. Le mur des je t'aime est construit sur une surface de 40 m2 (l0x4) à partir de 612 carreaux au format 21x29,7cm en lave émaillée

Julien Reynes

Lovely little park in Montmartre. I love you written in many languages.. it's romantic! (!) Park is closed in the evening... quite early on fact. I still don't understand why

Brian East

A wall in the small Jardin Des Abbesses which has I love you written in many languages. Supposed to be a very romantic place according to guide books. The garden itself is cool as is the wall, but the crowd knocks down the rating, and (what I swear) was a feint whiff of urine killed it. Two stars for effort but this place could easily be avoided. Get a lock and stick it on a bridge with your lover instead!

Salomé Cmt

Taking 5 minutes to check this cute detail out wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re in the area. It doesn’t hurt to feel a little romantic sometimes!

Peter Stendys

A small but lovely sight in Paris. Special and romantic - both due to the words on the wall and the nice small garden in which the wall is situated. Perfect for couples.
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