Nam Nam Noodle Bar Resort World Sentosa

place26 Sentosa Gateway, b1新加坡 098138
phone+65 6686 2881


Geraldine Koh

(This place has closed since I first posted this review) I first tried Namnam 4 years ago, and have tried it every now and then but it always disappointed with its poor service and lukewarm food. I decided after my last visit at Wheelock, where both coffee and baguette were not served hot.However, my family member informed me that this branch serves it food very hot and with great service. I gave it a go, twice this week (because it was so good the first time). We were greeted by May O and her sunshine-y personality made us feel very welcomed. The seats are well spaced apart, it's well lit, and there's great music. I would recommend Namnam at Sentosa for anyone who loves Vietnamese food but gave up at its other outlets that are slow, packed like a canteen and mediocre service. The team at Sentosa delivers it unlike any other eateries. Here, you will be served with warm hospitality- it will make all the difference to your dining experience. A final note to add- Namnam does not serve traditional Vietnamese food- their coffee certainly does not taste like cafe sua da or cafe sua nong. :)
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