Nan Hwa Fishboat

star3.6 · flag1
place93/95 Owen Road, Singapore 218907
phone+65 8518 1927


ken koay

steamboat, seems like a popular shop in SG. staff service with a frown instead with a smile. be prepared to put up with such friendly service when you politely ask for a table. And wait... and wait.. and wait. That speaks of the popularity of the shop, despite mediocre dishes and below-par level of services. To be fair, maybe they're understaffed, and everyone felt taxed with the unending stream of customers. Food wise.. well, the soup is not bad, wouldn't say it's exceptional but then again i'm not really a steamboat/soup person. The other ingredients and portion are mediocre for the price.

Koh MG

When I think of fish head steamboat, I would come here. Comfort food. But the service had dropped quite a bit. We asked for refill of soup 4 times before they finally come. And the soup refilled was plain water. Hope they will be back on their standard soon.

Simeon Ng

Food is decent, recently renamed.

Kelvin Koh

Great tasting fish steamboat. Good for a gathering of friends and family.

Jaslyn Low

Nice fishhead steamboat to share amongst friends and family! Especially during rainy day weather like this. Tried their new dishes - Prawn with golden pumpkin sauce, champagne pork ribs which are available at this outlet only and we love it so much :D
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