Heart of Sapa Hotel

star4.7 · flag2
placeĐông Lợi, tt. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, 越南


Shahaf Mei-Dan

The hotel is sweet and comfortable. Location is awesome-closest the coolest street. Breakfast is fine and similar to what you'll get in a breakfast meal in a restaurant outside. But the staff is the best! They helped us so much when we had a luggage crisis - went way over what you'll expect for help! And best English and tips! Highly recommended!

Seungho Song

베트남의 마지막날 날짜계산을 잘못해서 비자가 만료 되었습니다. 여행사, 대사관에 도움을 청했지만 벌금내라는 말만 받았습니다. 벌금을 내더라도 말이 안통하니 사정설명을 위해 호텔에 도움을 요청하였습니다. 4시간여 동안 국경 출입국사무소, 경찰에게 연락을 해주고. 장문의 편지와 연락하였던 경찰의 전화번호를 적어서 주었습니다. 덕분에 국경을 벌금없이 무사히 통과 하였습니다. 이 호텔은 깨끗한 숙소와 친절한 서비스를 제공함에 충분히 좋습니다. 하지만 그날에 받은 감동은 말로 설명할 수 없습니다. 여기보다 더 좋은 시설은 있을지 몰라도, 이곳보다 더 좋은 직원은 없다 생각합니다. 다시 한번 그날 도움에 감사를 표합니다

Charlie Pipes

I can't say enough about this hotel. If you are visiting Sapa, this is the place to stay. Centrally located, great price, and a pretty good view. The staff speaks wonderful English and are happy to do anything they can to ensure you have a wonderful stay. The location can't be beat. Far enough from the square to give you some peace but close enough for a short walk to the sights. Need a bottle of water or some fruit? 5 meters out the front door. Bar right around the corner and some killer restaurants just minutes away. Lastly...the beds. Softest beds in Vietnam (this matters if you've been in country long enough!). Highly recommended!

chou scott

看到外國人給評滿分?我親自感受後也給他們滿分,房間配備及附件齊全,堪比星級飯店,且對一位個子小且瘦的小姐給予高評價,雖然英文不好,但高高服務熱誠且有耐心,當天凌晨4點半夜巴到沙壩,因為Google map 誤差,我倆在寒冷夜色中好不容易找到旅館但沒人,試拉敲門,一會她就出來應門,隨然無法馬上入住,但隨即讓我們進入休息且充電,還拿被子示意可在沙發椅上假眠且給熱咖啡,令人溫馨,晚上停電時還拿led燈備用,讚啦!!!此地靠近市中心,近餐廳街及週六夜市,去catcat村也可走路去哦。透過他們訂巴士還給小點心。

Camille Lafarque

Nice hotel in the center of Sapa, the room was big, clean and not too noisy. The staff is super friendly, I would recommend this place without hesitation!

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